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Program: Communication Systems and Signal Processing When I first touched on the strange land of ##, the failure of verbal communication and the solitude of my heart were like two insurmountable barriers that loomed large, blocking my way ...

Program: Communication Systems and Signal Processing

When I first touched on the strange land of ##, the failure of verbal communication and the solitude of my heart were like two insurmountable barriers that loomed large, blocking my way toward further achievement. However, my determination to “absorb the most advanced and updated knowledge and technology of communication software’ remained adamant, which in the subsequent six months encouraged me to overcome most of the difficulties through persistent efforts and to complete my program of further studies with excellent results. This memorable experience gave me as a young man a most instructive awareness that the genuine joy of life lies in challenging the apparently overwhelming difficulties and in working all one’s way to continuous successes with courage, confidence and, above all, perseverance.
This episode happened in October 2001, a few months after I completed my undergraduate program at the Department of Computer Science and Technology of ##. Upon my graduation, I was recruited by ## Co., Ltd and my distinguished professional performance during the probation period won me the important opportunity to undergo further study and training program at the ## Headquarters in ##. More than two years and half has passed by now, during which I have grown into an accomplished communication software engineer of our company. However, the more high-level work I am involved in, the higher the demands and the challenges. Therefore, in order to cope with the increasing challenges more competently, I plan to suspend my present career for the time being and to spend one or two years pursuing a Master’s program in communication systems and signal processing at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of ##, a well-respected institution of advanced research in the field of communication in the world. I believe that your advanced degree program will allow me to organically integrate my 4-year undergraduate program in computer science and technology with the approximately 3-year professional experience in the communication field, with the promise of developing me into a senior specialist with sound academic background and professional expertise in my chosen field.
The quality education and specialized training I received during my undergraduate program in the specialty of computer science and technology at ##, one of the most prestigious polytechnic institutions in China, has endowed me with a necessary academic foundation for a advanced program abroad. The systematic education in my specialty made it possible for me to develop from an average computer user into a computer software developer. On the other hand, the alarmingly rapid development of computer technology required me to ceaselessly learn new programming languages and development techniques. In this process, I demonstrated an excellent ability to acquire new knowledge and to improve practical skills. C Language Programming, Computer Operation System, Computer Network Technology, Digital Signal Processing and Assembly Language are some of my favorite courses in which I excelled. In particular, my firm grasp of C Language Programming, represented by my exceedingly high scores, allowed me to join the Departmental Teaching and Research Section to be an assistant to my teachers engaged in programming development. The great curiosity with which I explored the computer science and technology, plus the effective learning strategies enabled me to achieve an 80/100 GPA, ranking among the top three in the entire department. I was awarded a variety of honors and scholarships for academic excellence, including the special-class People’s Scholarship, the top-level scholarship of the Institute.
My roughly three-year career since my graduation at ## has provided me with an ideal platform for achieving a comprehensive improvement in my expertise. In terms of the specialized knowledge and skills in communication, I studied in ##’s ## software development standards and compiled the software that controlled the motion of robots with the assembly language under the regulation of those standards. In addition, I used WML  (Wireless Markup Language) to compile testing cases for the browser function of the ## mobile phone. During my stay in ##, I attended the ## as an employee representative. Ultimately, I became the employee with the highest performance evaluation among all the Chinese employees receiving trainings in ##. Since my return to China, I have participated in the software design and the realization of the wireless LAN based on IEEE802.11a protocols. I single-handedly completed the data transmission of the MAC (Media Access Control) Layer, gaining fundamental understanding of the approach for realizing wireless communication protocols. As project team leader, I organized and participated in the development of the Bug Management System. At present, I am undertaking comprehensive testing and system maintenance for the realization code of the WCDMA protocols of ##’s 3G mobile phone.
The harvest I have reaped from my work experience is by no means confined to those. The software development procedures at ## are very specialized and stringent, which helped shape my rigorous working style. Yet, the development of this rigorous style has in no way hampered innovative spirit. All my programming activities are guided by the principle that all the functions be realized by the simplest codes. On the other hand, whether in performing my role as project member or as project leader, I can experience, in both cases, the vital importance of teamwork to the successful completion of a project development. Therefore, I have always endeavored to demonstrate my effective communication skills and constructive cooperation. Even though I have been working under heavy stress, I have maintained an optimistic attitude and have faced all challenges with a healthy state of mind.
The research and commercialization of the communication industry is making headway with gathering momentum. Most prominent is the wireless communication which, with its excellent mobility, flexibility and the ability to provide universal service, will become increasingly important in the future information society in terms of seamless coverage and multimedia operation of global personal communication. While undertaking project development on wireless communications over the past three years, I have encountered a large number of urgent theoretical issues that I feel I must try to understand. The curiosity to know them has all the more intensified my love for the communication science and technology. My present application for a Master’s program in communication system and signal processing at your esteemed institution is precisely motivated by the desire to establish for myself a framework of systematic and in-depth communication knowledge that may enable me to further probe into the unknown and make breakthroughs both in communication theories and practical technology.
A number of factors have attracted me to the University of ##. Your program in communication and singal processing boasts of quite a few world famous scholars as well research programs, along with the state-of-art teaching facilities. Your comprehensive and carefully designed curriculum parallel perfectly with my study objectives. Your heuristic method of education will provide me with ample room for the free play of my mind, imagination and inspiration. In my proposed program, I am interested in the following areas: the security control of communication, the latest technology of wireless communication standards like 3G and 4G and how those applied technology may reach the quality of service (QoS). If admitted, I will first continue to strengthen myself academically. Meanwhile, I will combine my academic study with my past work experience to see how theories apply to practical problems. I will try to become well-read in terms of communication protocols to understand their underlying principles and essence. Ultimately, I will incorporate some creative ideas into my Master’s dissertation by performing extensive innovative experiments and infusing my own research findings. If possible, I plan to proceed onto a Ph.D. program so as to carry out really advanced and in-depth research in the fields I am interested in.
A fine academic foundation, rich and constructive work experience, plus the ample potential for more advanced study and research, those are some of the most important qualifications that make me a worthy candidate for your program. I am determined to demonstrate what an important asset I can become to your university with my unique background and experiences. In turn, I expect that your program will impart to me the expertise and knowledge to address the challenges of tomorrow’s dramatically changing communication technology.


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