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Applied Program: Mechanical Engineering Recalling the past, I found I have traversed a stable and steady life process. Although I did not meet any setbacks, nor experience any rise or fall academically, I was ordinary and yet splendid. Not ...

Applied Program: Mechanical Engineering

Recalling the past, I found I have traversed a stable and steady life process. Although I did not meet any setbacks, nor experience any rise or fall academically, I was ordinary and yet splendid. Not only did I realize the truth of no pain, no gain, I also scored a series of honorable records as the course of hard work as an average person. From xxxx to xxxx, I finished my seven-year-long undergraduate and Master Degree studies at the Machinery College of Beijing Business University. During the undergraduate period I won the First or Second Class scholarships every year. When I graduated I was appraised as an Outstanding Graduate at the municipal level. During the postgraduate studies, I, as always, got postgraduate scholarships. Upon graduation I engaged in machinery designing researches with the knowledge I learnt during the seven years.
However, a stable performance in studies did not show that I had no ambitions of realizing a leap academically. On the contrary, it was the best proof that I got meticulously prepared for the future. Seven years of strict education in the powerful Mechanical Engineering College of Beijing Business University and the two specialties in machinery designing and manufacturing and machinery manufacturing and automations gave me a solid basis and outstanding capacity. I extensively studied higher mathematics, physics and other basic undergraduate courses as ell as specialty courses including materials dynamics and theoretical dynamics. I finished them all with good marks. That gave me full confidence in applying to your esteemed university for a degree in mechanical engineering.
My personal character belongs to the type of enjoying and devoting myself to whatever job assigned. I would perform well any job so far as I chose it. Although I applied to the specialty under the guidance of my parents, nevertheless, after a period of studies, I became increasingly fond of it. I am sort of person enduring loneliness. I was fond of researching questions alone calmly. Machinery specialty suited my personal character.
Meanwhile I was consciously fostering in me a capacity of self-education. During the undergraduate studies, I loved a specialized basic subject the most, namely materials dynamics. During the studies, I consumed a great deal of energy on it. During the first semester, I got the record results in the whole class. During the second, I was exempted from the subject because of self-education. This was something that never occurred in the department in the recent decade. During my Master Degree program, I taught myself the Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics even within half a year, and scored gratifying results in the examination.
On the basis of solid theory and creative researches, I scored excellent marks for both undergraduate and postgraduate graduation theses in the examinations. My graduation thesis for undergraduate studies was entitled “An Improved Design for Paper Press of Beijing Papermaking Machinery Factory No. 2.” During the period of the thesis, I carried out several on-the-spot inspections and successfully improved the designing scheme and overcame the original shortcoming of the paper press in putting out paper over loosely. During my postgraduate studies, the theme of my thesis was “Geometrical Analysis of Clamp Concept Designing.” This was part and parcel of a State Natural Sciences Fund project at the leading level in China. It raised a new line of thinking concerning the bottleneck problem in the automation design development of China’s clamps, thus drawing high evaluations.
On the basis of researches, I published three articles on the theme, namely, “Geometrical Analysis of Clamp Concept Designing,” “Reactive Researches on Manufacturing Special Features to Clamp Special Features,” and “Reactive Researches on Clamp Plan Designing.” Thanks to their creativity and profundity, they received extensive attention.
Nevertheless, I was not a bookworm. I had extensive interest and hobbies. As a secondary school student, I took part in the Zu Chongzhi Cup Mathematics Contest and the National Mathematics League Contest, capturing a Municipal third-class prize and a Provincial second-class prize. During my university years, I went in for full-fledged development and was appraised as a Straight A Student and an Outstanding Student Cadre. I once served as cultural and sport committee member, and leader of the department’s volleyball team. My performance in a series of activities was quite good.
During the undergraduate studies I made much of book knowledge learning, but in the postgraduate studies my academic goal and orientation became ever clearer. Apart from making exertions at the graduation thesis, I consulted data from all aspects and carried out social practice. In that process I realized the insufficiency of the machinery sector and its orientation of development. Meanwhile I generated a desire to study abroad. This, I think, is a major turning point in my life.
After completing my Master Degree studies, I started work at the Chinese Academy of Machinery Science. Within a short span of only half a year, I took part in many projects. For example, we cooperated with the Beijing Urban Construction Group in designing a shield excavator, for which we used to depend on imports at high prices. The technology is now leading in the country and the designing stage is now over. Besides I took part in designing S&T exhibits in cooperation with the Shandong S&T Museum. The process of designing told me the great importance of integrating theory with practice, and strengthened my capacity of combining theory with practice. The experience of scientific research fostered in me a strict scientific approach, a spirit of consistent innovations and a good teamwork spirit.
During my postgraduate studies and work period, I deepened my understanding of the status quo of the sector in China. China’s machinery industry is now confronted with both opportunities and challenges. Opportunities consist in the ever-larger market abroad with the entry into the WTO, but backward technologies and rampancy of foreign goods in the Chinese market will be a big challenge. The Chinese machinery sector has a weak foundation. It will be hard to withstand the strong impact. To change the status quo, we need talents. That is why I generated the desire to find a solution abroad.
A new type of university as it is, Magdeburg University was set up not long ago. However it features a high academic level, ranking fourth in German universities.
The machinery specialty, in particular, stands out magnificently. Through studying at your university, I shall be able to take world-famous scholars as my teachers, acquire advanced world scientific knowledge, come into contact with advanced world apparatus and enjoy the vast library and documentation resources. That will heighten my theoretical starting point, widen my horizon and provide for me a broad arena for operational capacity, scientific research experience and creativity.
In the next two years for a Master Degree, I shall, in the first year, apart from learning the basic courses, I shall check up my deficiencies and lay a solid foundation. In the second year, I shall concentrate on accomplishing the graduation topic. Meanwhile I shall consult extensively the specialized data, enrich my specialized knowledge. After winning the Master Degree, I shall return to China to serve the construction of our motherland.
Man must contribute to the society while benefiting from it. Otherwise, man will become parasites. I enjoyed the best Chinese educational resources in the past. I shall have the responsibility to remunerate the Chinese society. To study abroad first and then return equipped with advanced knowledge and technologies. Devote myself to the society. That will be the form of my remuneration to the society. Such a conviction will make me studious and transcend myself.


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