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Program: Optical Communications I detest mediocrity because I long for a life of rewarding accomplishments. Therefore I would pay considerable attention to even the minute detail in my studies so that my knowledge keeps accumulating gradua ...

Program: Optical Communications

I detest mediocrity because I long for a life of rewarding accomplishments. Therefore I would pay considerable attention to even the minute detail in my studies so that my knowledge keeps accumulating gradually and unmistakably. At different stages of my intellectual and personal development, I tend to formulate well-defined objectives so that I can derive a sense of achievement whenever an objective is fulfilled. At present, based on my undergraduate education and subsequent work experience, I have developed a new objective—to enrich and update my knowledge in Optical Communications by seeking a Master’s program at the XX of University of XX. I am convinced that such a program will prove a milestone in my quest for greater academic and professional excellence.
I have full confidence to undertake your challenging program as I have already developed a sound academic buildup through my undergraduate program in Electronic Science and Technology at the Department of Optoelectronics of XX University. My 4-year program witnessed how I became increasingly interested and proficient in optoelectronics. Basic courses like Digital Circuit, Analog Circuit, Signal and System taught me how to proceed with a basic concept, from which to generalize a principle, leading to methodology and finally to technology. Courses such as Solid State Physics, Optics, and Mathematical Methods of Physics exposed me to the underlying principles governing diverse approaches. The more advanced courses in Optical Fiber Communications and Laser Technology & Applications led me to the development of cutting-edge researches in the world.
As a student of engineering, I have tried to cultivate strong hands-on abilities, effective problem-solving skills, and, above all, rigorous and meticulous logical judgment. I would use the errors that others commit as warnings against my own fallibility. I supplemented my study of theories with countless experiments and verifications, with the result of achieving top-ranking scores in all those core courses, as can be evidenced by my academic transcript. To further expand my horizon, I took optional courses including Infrared Technology, Transistor Materials, Optical Components, Integrated Circuit Design, etc. Through those courses I realized the interdisciplinary trend of optoelectronics technology, which promises to lead to breathtaking innovations. In 2001, when I was still a junior student, I helped my Applied Optics professor maintain the computer software SOD88 using my excellent computer skills.
I have also availed myself of other opportunities to increase my specialized knowledge. Two experiences were most defining—participating in XX as a junior and attending lectures on XX by Prof. XX, director of XX.  While keeping myself abreast with the latest international developments, I reinforced my determination to specialize in optoelectronics as my lifelong career as I became aware that important issues await intensified research in this field, ranging from Optical Fiber and Passive Device including Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer-DWDM and Optical Switch, to Material and Optical amplifiers,such as EDFA.
In order to satisfy my desire to improve my hands-on abilities, I undertook testing experiments on communication components at XX Co. Ltd, a leading computer and information system integration enterprise. I concentrated on the RTL8208 Octal 10/100M Fast Ethernet Transceiver. I was lucky to come under the guidance of a senior engineer Mr. XX with whom I undertook in-depth study and research on the working principle and the technology of Fast Ethernet Receiver. Based on my research findings, I completed my graduation thesis entitled XX, which was rated “excellent” and commented by my advisor as “demonstrating a solid foundation in specialized knowledge and analytical and problem-solving skills.”
Due to my distinguished academic performance, I was awarded university-level first class scholarships for three consecutive years (10%). Other honors include Outstanding Student Leader and Model Youth League Member for many times for my major extracurricular contributions. By the time I finished my undergraduate program, I was honored as the Outstanding Graduate of XX Province (5%) for my comprehensive academic and personal development. All those testify to my scholastic excellence as well as my commitment to work for the public welfare.
My work experience since graduation has allowed me to apply my knowledge on one hand and to accumulate further qualifications for undertaking your program. I first worked at XX Co. Ltd from March to June 2003, codifying data and assisting in research. Then I switched to XX Co. Ltd and as its agent arrived in XX at the end of July this year to take care of the XX Corporation. I participated in the system duplication of the large-scale server and tape database expansion. I have become familiar with sophisticated CISCO LS1010 ATM Optical Switch, routers CISCO 7505 and CISCO 7507, CISCO 5505 Ether Switch and hp Fiber Channel Mass Storage Adapter. I grasped the application of server optical interface technology and network configuration. In terms of software, I studied and used the UNIX Operating System, ORACLE Database, ITSM – HP OpenView, Hummingbird Connectivity and other network software. During my work, I have received technical trainings in GPRS, CISCO Route, and mobile communications. Recently I participated in a training program in 3G communication protocols offered by XX, XX and China’s domestic IT leader XX. This training program permitted me to gain insight into the 3-G concept, its most updated applications in the world and the solutions it can provide. My knowledge in those aspects will be vital for my future academic program.
My work experience has significantly broadened my academic and professional horizon, making me realize the exciting future of optical communications as well as the existing issues that need to be developed and improved, both in software and the hardware. As a student and an engineer of communications, I wish to be part of this exciting process to contribute my talents and to develop myself into a real specialist in optical communications.
With this motivation, I would like to apply for XX, University of XX. XX, one of the most prestigious research institutes in the world of photonics and laser technology, is the largest contributor of research papers at top international optical communications conferences, which represents your unparalleled academic reputation. With unrivalled facilities and equipment, your program offers research in Optical Physics, Optical Fiber Devices and Systems, and Optical Technology. The second field is what I am interested in as it is closely integrated with the research I did for my Bachelor’s thesis and with my professional experience.
It has been predicted that in the coming decade China will become the largest communications market in the world. Optical-fiber communication represents the trend of future communication technology I feel proud to have chosen my career development in this field where my greatest potential lies. I like to make progress in my interested field and to possess a sense of achievement resulting from constant self-improvement.


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