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Applied Program: Cell and Molecular Biology Leave me along and do not let them disturb me. I just want to concentrate on my research. On hearing the news of receiving the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine, Barbara McClintock said thi ...

Applied Program: Cell and Molecular Biology

“Leave me along and do not let them disturb me. I just want to concentrate on my research.” On hearing the news of receiving the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine, Barbara McClintock said this quietly. In those words I can feel the noble temperament of a true biologist. Yes, Barbara McClintock has become my role model inspiring me to commit myself to a life of biological study.
I believe I made an essentially correct choice in choosing Cell and Molecular Biology as my field of specialization. The first half of the 21st century will be an epoch of life sciences, presenting rare opportunities to students of biology. Of course, opportunities also mean challenges. I am convinced that the way to become a successful biological researcher is by pursuing fruitful education at a world famous university. A detailed investigation of institutions offering advanced biological research programs shows that the University of x enjoys a high ranking in biology in America, with world reputations especially in cell and molecular Biology. Therefore I choose your university as the priority for my graduate program. I am well aware of the fact that in applying for such a prestigious university as yours, I inevitably face important competitions from outstanding applicants all over the world. But I have my own advantages—a sound educational background, solid theoretical foundation, well-trained experimental skills and a strong ability to perform independent research.
The Department of Biotechnology, College of Life Sciences, XX University, is where I received my undergraduate education. Reputed for its competitiveness and rigorous system, the Department is one of a few renowned institutions in China’s biological academia. During my undergraduate career, one thirds of my specialized courses ranked highest in the entire department, bringing me Bethune Scholarship, Incentive Scholarship and several other first- and second-class scholarships. I was the XX Municipal-Level Outstanding Graduate and Student of Excellence, nominated as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Students of XX University. For nearly 10 years, I was the sole undergraduate in the College of Life Science who has received two major honors from XX Municipality. My GPA is ranked first in the entire College, bringing me the largest number of awards and honors from the University and XX Municipality.
Not contented with doing a good job in mere coursework, I endeavored to keep abreast with the latest theories and technologies of biological science by reading extensively technical literature in recent journals. I also tried my best to participate in academic activities and in experimental and lab work. I grasped a variety of experimental skills ranging from the production of the eukaryotic and prokaryotic expression vectors, Western blotting to the application and transfection of reporter genes. By mastering those techniques, I have laid a good foundation for performing advanced research.
With distinguished performance in my coursework and a sound theoretical buildup, I came to the attention of certain senior professors in my College who in turn recommended me to try hands at research work in the Institute of Cell Biology, the key laboratory under the XX. Focusing on the study of gene expression and protein phosphatases, my teammates and I performed a series of research on the multi-faceted properties of PPX, a substance which is presumed to be responsible for the regulation of cell cycle, including its biological function and location with the cell. We prepared the polyclonal antibody to this kind of protein and used Enhanced Green Fluorescence Protein (EGFP) and the fused protein of PPX in combination with immunofluorescence technique to trace the location of PPX within the cell during different stages of cell cycle. We discovered that in the cell this substance is mainly located in the centrosome and the peripheral centrosome substances. Part of these research findings were incorporated into my thesis entitled Eukaryotic Expression Plasmid pGEX-2Z-PPX’s Construction and Protein Expression. The academic panel of my Department passed very positive comments on my research and experimental skills, considering my thesis well above the reasonable academic level of a Bachelor’s thesis. The relevant research results can provide much valuable information in expounding on the detailed working mechanisms of the PPX and can considerably facilitate the subsequent research. As a result my thesis was unanimously rated the Excellent Undergraduate Thesis of the University.
My distinguished academic performance during my undergraduate program led to my recruitment by our university’s senior professor XXX into his research group and became its sole graduate of Bachelor’s degree over the past few years. Our group focused on the pioneering research on the role that centrin1 gene plays in cells. In this process, I not only learned many experimental techniques such as indirect fluorescence and anti-sense RNA techniques but also mastered various analytical approaches necessary for performing scientific investigations. The acquisition of those skills and accumulation of research experiences considerably have broadened my professional horizon and perspectives. In addition, I have been given the opportunity to participate in the research project sponsored by XX of China. All those research experiences will be of immense value to my future study and research during my graduate program. What I am especially proud of is that,by undertaking those important research,I have kept improving my experimental techniques and the ability to perform independent analysis. An equally important fact is that I have clarified for myself the concentrations of my future academic pursuit.
In my proposed graduate program,I would like to focus on the regulation of gene expression, cell signal transduction, regulation of cell cycle, oncogene or apoptosis. The researches in those areas have so far left many fields unexplored and under-explored. There are many unverified speculations and hypotheses concerning the precise mechanism of the gene regulation and the actual process of signal transduction. Under such circumstances, it is my strong desire to pursue advanced studies at your esteemed university whereby I may further perfect my experimental skills and keep informed of the latest theoretical and technical developments in areas that I am interested in. It is also my expectation that I can be allowed to participate in some actual research projects that your university can offer so that I can be exposed to the teachings of your renowned scholars and researchers and bring my research potential into full play.
“I have lived a wonderful life and I have no regrets about it.” These are the words Nobel laureate Barbara McClintock used to summarize her life. Upon my graduation, I could have gone to work at a certain company where I can have a lucrative career. But I am determined to follow the footsteps of Barbara McClintock and develop myself into an accomplished researcher concerned more about contributing to the scientific development of society rather than to my own personal welfare.


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